Is the Lord Calling me to Become an Expanded Family?

Am I in Good Emotional, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health? (Being a parent can sometimes be demanding. You must be healthy and emotionally stable to care for children. Everyone in your home must provide a medical statement completed by a physician indicating they are free of communicable diseases.)

Have I Ever had a Valid Child Protection Case Due to Abuse or Neglect? (If you have had a valid Child Protection case, you may not be able to become an Expanded Family. We will review our records as well as any other state where the applicant(s) resided.)

Do I Have Adequate Income to Meet My Current Family’s Needs? (You do not have to be rich to become an Expanded Family; however, you must have enough income to meet your own family’s needs. During the home study process, you will be asked to provide proof of income and to review family expenses.)

Is There an Adult in my Home that has Ever Been Convicted of a Crime? (If you or any adult residing in your home has been convicted of certain criminal offenses, you cannot become a Foster/Adoptive Parent. Each adult member in your household over the age 18 will be fingerprinted.)

Am I Ready to Have a Safety Inspection of my Home Done or Am I Willing to Make Minor Changes in Order to Pass the Inspection? (It is important that your home is safe and free of hazards. During the home study process, your Case Worker will conduct a safety inspection of your home. You must have working smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher.)

Do I Have Enough Room in my Home for a Child? (You must have adequate bedroom space for a child/youth. A child/youth may share a bedroom with another child of the same sex but the child cannot share a bedroom with anyone over the age of 18 years old.)

Are You Willing to Participate in an Attachment Survey That Will Help You Understand Your Own Attachment Style and Discuss How that Impacts a Child Placed in Your Care? (If you answered no to a few of these questions, you may want to look into becoming a volunteer, resource friend, or church liaison instead of an expanded family.)

if you answered no to a few of these questions, you may want to look into becoming a volunteer, resource friend, or church liaison instead of an Expanded Family.

Become a Resource Friend

A Resource Friend is a member of the service team that acts as a liaison with the church and the community to assist in securing needed resources (tangible, financial, emotional, and spiritual) for the Expanded Families success.

Become a Volunteer

Not everyone is called to be an Expanded Family but according to James 1:27, we are all called to do something. Find out how you can become involved in helping a local Expanded Family.

Be a Hero and Donate

Expanded Families program is entirely funded by the generosity of our donors. We receive no federal or state funding for our program.

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