Our Story

The Expanded Family Program is a ministry of Patrick Henry Family Services (PHFS). We believe that every child deserves to experience the love of God in the context of a family, through love, impact, and belonging. Our core belief, which every child deserves an opportunity to grow up in a loving Christian family environment, has sustained our organization since 1961 serving hundreds of children and supporting families through residential cottage care. We believe that with attachment comes healing.

Over the years, the children that have been placed before us have displayed a complex set of social, emotional, and developmental needs. PHFS has responded to the changing needs by adding additional evidence-based, trauma-informed programs and services to provide the necessary tools families need to thrive including the Hope for Tomorrow Counseling, Hat Creek Camp, Safe Families for Children and Step Forward ministries.

The Expanded Family Program is a uniquely better experience in foster care. The children are placed in our care voluntarily by their parent or guardian and, therefore, are more empowered to engage in working with our families toward healing and reunification. The addition of our Expanded Family Program will allow us to now place children in the least restrictive environment to meet their needs as well as have expanded families mentor the biological families so that reunification may be successful.

Uniquely designed, this model will engage churches and communities as well to come alongside Expanded Families to provide the needed support. We believe that our Expanded Families need meaningful ongoing training in trauma-informed principles as well as the consistent help of their agency and community. We are committed to ensuring that expanded families are well trained and supported by connection and available respite. The story is never complete without the hero….Become an Expanded Family … join the story….get connected … have impact….be a hero!”